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: Ninja Shuriken Throwing (The Weapon of Stealth)
: Sid Campbell
: Paladin Press
: 1984
: pdf
: 140
: Mirknig.su
: 12.5 MB

Silent, deadly, treacherous, easily hidden. Each of these words describes the higly trained, invincible Ninja warrior-and his lethal weapon, the shuriken. Known as the Throwing Star, this weapon of stealth is but one part of the Ninja's arsenal.
Designed for warfare, the shuriken is mainly used to injure the enemy. Yet when thrown with deadly accuracy, the long, stiletto-tipped stars can slice the vital points of the assailan, draining his life's blood.
So expertly used by the Ninja of the past, this weapon of stealth could very well save you in the event you need a simple, silent, and effective self-defense weapon.


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