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: Wireless Communications: Signal Processing Perspectives
: H. Vincent Poor, Gregory W. Warnell, editors
: Prentice Hall
: 1998
: 426
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: English

Signal processing algorithms and architectures have an increasingly important role to play in meeting the central challenges faced in the design of advanced wireless communication systems. In Wireless Communications: Signal Processing Perspectives, leaders in the field describe state-of-the-art research in applying signal processing methodologies in the context of tomorrow's most important wireless applications, ranging from next-generation cellular telephony and personal communication services, to nomadic computing and wireless multimedia.
Wireless Communications: Signal Processing Perspectives is a valuable reference both for signal processing specialists seeking to apply their expertise in the rapidly growing wireless communications field, and for communications specialists eager to exploit signal processing techniques and implementations in developing efficient wireless systems of the future.

Wireless Communications: Signal Processing Perspectives includes both physical and network layer topics:
*diversity strategies
*interference suppression algorithms
*equalization structures
*array processing techniques
*capacity measures and power control
*network architecture
*data compression and coding
*underwater acoustic systems

The book also contains a thought-provoking essay by Andrew J. Viterbi on the laws of nature and society that ultimately govern wireless networks.


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