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Short-range Wireless Communication, 3rd Edition: Short-range Wireless Communication, 3rd Edition
: Alan Bensky
: Newnes
: 2019
: 634
: pdf
: 72.1 MB

Short-range Wireless Communication, Third Edition, describes radio theory and applications for wireless communication with ranges of centimeters to hundreds of meters. Topics covered include radio wave propagation, the theory of antennas and transmission lines, architectures of transmitters, and radio system design guidelines as a function of basic communication parameters, such as sensitivity, noise and bandwidth. Topics new to this edition include MIMO, metamaterials, inductance coupling for loop antennas, very high throughput Wi-Fi specifications, Bluetooth Low Energy, expanded coverage of RFID, wireless security, location awareness, wireless sensor networks, Internet of Things, millimeter wave and optical short-range communications, body area networks, energy harvesting, and more.

Engineers, programmers, technicians and sales management personnel who support short-range wireless products will find the book a comprehensive and highly readable source to boost on-the-job performance and satisfaction.

The technical level of this book is suitable for readers with an engineering education or a scientific background, working as designers, engineering managers, or technical marketing people. They should be familiar with electrical circuits and engineering mathematics. Elementary probability theory is needed in some of the early chapters.

Presents comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of short-range wireless technologies
Provides an in-depth explanation of wave propagation and antennas
Describes communication system components and specifications, including transmitters, receivers, frequency synthesizers, sensitivity, noise, distortion, and more
Includes an introduction to error detection and correction

Short-range Wireless Communication, 3rd Edition


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