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: Optical Fiber Telecommunications VII
: Alan Willner (Editor)
: Academic Press
: 2020
: True PDF
: 1094
: 18.1 Mb
: English

With optical fiber telecommunications firmly entrenched in the global information infrastructure, a key question for the future is how deeply will optical communications penetrate and complement other forms of communication (e.g., wireless access, on-premises networks, interconnects, and satellites). Optical Fiber Telecommunications, the seventh edition of the classic series that has chronicled the progress in the research and development of lightwave communications since 1979, examines present and future opportunities by presenting the latest advances on key topics such as:
Fiber and 5G-wireless access networks
Inter- and intra-data center communications
Free-space and quantum communication links
Another key issue is the use of advanced photonics manufacturing and electronic signal processing to lower the cost of services and increase the system performance. To address this, the book covers:
Foundry and software capabilities for widespread user access to photonic integrated circuits
Nano- and microphotonic components
Advanced and nonconventional data modulation formats
The traditional emphasis of achieving higher data rates and longer transmission distances are also addressed through chapters on space-division-multiplexing, undersea cable systems, and efficient reconfigurable networking.
This book is intended as an ideal reference suitable for university and industry researchers, graduate students, optical systems implementers, network operators, managers, and investors.


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