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: Remodeling a Basement: Expert Advice from Start to Finish
: Roger German
: Taunton Press
: 2010
: 53,7
: / English

If you're interested in expanding the usable living space in your home -- and boosting its value -- finishing your basement is a smart way to make it happen.

In this new and revised edition of Remodeling a Basement, you'll find a wide range of inspiring design ideas for turning your basement into a comfortable, functional space the whole family can enjoy.

From cover to cover, you'll get all the expert advice, inside tips, and step-by-step instructions you'll need to make your vision a reality. All brought to you in clear, accessible language -- and lots of valuable photos and drawings -- by a consummate professional.

In this comprehensive volume -- the latest in our popular Build Like A Pro series -- professional contractor Roger German takes you through the entire process of remodeling a basement.

From family rooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms to workshops and hobby rooms, he shows you how to build a whole new level of comfort into your house.



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