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: The Energy-Smart House
: Editors of Fine Homebuilding
: Taunton Press
: 2011
: 17
: / English

You can cut energy costs really! Everyone is talking about saving energy, but now The Energy-Smart House actually shows you how to make it happen with the collective experience of the professionals at Fine Homebuilding. See the big picture like the pros do. It takes more than a Band-Aid approach to achieve true energy efficiency. And, here, youll get a complete overview from our experts, starting with how to do an audit through evaluating heating and cooling systems to choosing new thermostats.

Put together a practical plan. Upgrading an older home? Our pros will show you how to beef up old insulation without tearing into walls, install weather stripping, and choose replacement windows. Or remodeling? Learn all you need to know about house wraps, options for solar hot water, how to design an energy-smart kitchen, select the most efficient appliances, and much more.

Your roadmap to an energy-efficient home. With so many advances in technology and product choices, youll want The Energy-Smart House to help you make effective changes that go beyond lip service. Its your answer to workable strategies for reducing waste and making your home as energy efficient as possible.


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