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: The Storage Book: Over 250 Inspirational Ideas for Creating Stylish Home Storage
: Cynthia Inions
: The Lyons Press
ISBN: 1585746762
: 2004
: 179
: 103
: English

Many glossy interiors seen in books and magazines appear to be occupied by owners with no everyday possessions, but no real-life room scheme can be effective without taking into account the occupants' storage needs. So where do you keep your clutter in a stylish room? THE STORAGE BOOK provides the answers, revealing innovative storage designs in over 250 inspirational photographs. Cynthia Inions looks at the best ideas worldwide for making storage a harmonious part of a handsome interior. As well as detailing problem-solving tricks where space is short, THE STORAGE BOOK offers solutions that actually enhance your interior, increasing the feeling of space in a room. This invaluable storage sourcebook provides inspiration for every part of the home: hallways, living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, studies, and gardens. It features ten projects for original storage ideas with clear, step-by-step instructions, including an illustrated techniques section with practical information on putting up shelves, floor plans, and storage facts and figures. The book also features a comprehensive directory of specialist suppliers.


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