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: Radar Techniques Using Array Antennas
: Wulf-Dieter Wirth
: The Institution of Electrical Engineers
: 2001
: 497
: 10,01
: English

This book presents a unique and comprehensive introduction to modern radar techniques using array antennas. The author focuses upon the principles, system concepts and techniques using electronic steerable and active array antennas for future high standard multifunction radar systems in both military and civil applications. Signal processing and array antennas are discussed from an engineering perspective, as a basis for system design. The key areas covered include array signal processing, adaptive digital beamforming, adaptive monopulse, superresolution, sequential detection, SAR with an active array for moving target detection, target imaging, adaptive clutter suppression, pulse compression with low range sidelobes and high range resolution, target detection with long pulse series, energy management and system parameter relations. Several new and effective radar techniques using array antennas are also discussed based on the pioneering work conducted by the authors team at FGAN, complete with experimental simulation results. The book will prove useful for engineers and scientists who work on research, development and systems design in the radar field as well as those who are responsible for radar decision making and planning within the government or industry.


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