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: The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method For Electromagnetics with MATLAB Simulations, 2nd Edition
: Atef Z. Elsherbeni, Veysel Demir
: SciTech Publishing
: 2016
: 559
: 38.75
: English

This book introduces the powerful Finite-Difference Time-Domain method to students and interested researchers and readers. An effective introduction is accomplished using a step-by-step process that builds competence and confidence in developing complete working codes for the design and analysis of various antennas and microwave devices. This book will serve graduate students, researchers, and those in industry and government who are using other electromagnetics tools and methods for the sake of performing independent numerical confirmation. No previous experience with finite-difference methods is assumed of readers.

Key features

Presents the fundamental techniques of the FDTD method at a graduate level, taking readers from conceptual understanding to actual program development.
Full derivations are provided for final equations.
Includes 3D illustrations to aid in visualization of field components and fully functional MATLAB code examples.
Completely revised and updated for this second edition, including expansion into advanced techniques such as total field/scattered field formulation, dispersive material modeling, analysis of periodic structures, non-uniform grid, and graphics processing unit acceleration of finite-difference time-domain method.


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