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: Intelligent Transportation Systems: Smart and Green Infrastructure Design, Second Edition
: Sumit Ghosh and Tony S. Lee
: CRC Press
: 2010
: 211
: 11,58
: English

For many transportation systems, the cost of expanding the infrastructure is too high. Therefore, the focus must shift to improving the quality of transportation within the existing infrastructure. The second edition of a bestseller, Intelligent Transport Systems: Smart and Green Infrastructure Design critically examines the successes and failures of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) during the course of the past decade. The new subtitle reflects this editions focus on meta-principles critical to moving ahead and successfully building ITS infrastructures that take advantage of smart/green technologies. The book identifies challenging problems that must be addressed in order to bring real quality of life improvements and positively impact our environmental and civil infrastructure systems.

New in the second edition:

Coverage of new, efficient green strategies
Critical review of important developments and implementation of ITS
Discussion of how to apply new insights and meta-principles to real-world ITS problems

The authors argue strongly for the need to incorporate innovative and creative approaches to transportation problems, based on the fundamental principles and thorough scientific validation. They stress the need for computer modeling and simulation of a representative system to help design and validate such complex, large-scale systems, and the design of new performance metrics to estimate the performance of these systems. They provide a radically different approach to transportation systems design?one that closely resembles reality and promises to yield an architecture that delivers the highest efficiency.


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