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: 5G Networks: Planning, Design and Optimization
: Larsson C.
: Academic Press
: 2018
: 405
: Mirknig.su
: 11 mb

This book presents practical methods and algorithms for the design of 5G Networks, covering issues ranging from network resilience to how Big Data analytics can used in network design optimization. The book addresses 5G optimization issues that are data driven, high dimensional and clustered.

The reader will learn:
5G concepts, how they are linked and their effect on the architecture of a 5G network
Models of 5G at a network level, including economic aspects of operating a network
The economic implications of scale and service diversity, and the incentive for optimal design and operational strategies
Network topologies from a transport to a cloud perspective
Theoretic foundations for network design and network optimization
Algorithms for practical design and optimization of 5G subsystems based on live network projects
Efficient Bayesian methods for network analytics
The trade-off and multi-objective character of QoS management and cost saving
Practical traffic and resilience measurement and QoS supervision
Frameworks for performance analytics and network control
This book will be an invaluable resource for telecom operators and service providers, university researchers, graduate students and network planners interested in practical methods for optimizing networks for large performance improvements and cost savings.


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