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: Ecological Design of Smart Home Networks: Technologies, Social Impact and Sustainability
: Edited by Nobuo Saito and David Menga
: Woodhead Publishing
: 2015
: 119
: Mirknig.su
: 10,31 MB
: English

This book provides an authoritative guide for postgraduate students and academic researchers in electronics, computer and network engineering, telecommunications, energy technology and home automation, as well as R&D managers in industrial sectors such as wireless technology, consumer electronics, telecommunications and networking, information technology, energy technology and home automation.
Part One outlines the key principles and technologies needed for ecological smart home networks. Beginning with a thorough overview of the concept behind ecological smart home network design, the book reviews such important areas as power line communications, hybrid systems and middleware platforms. Part Two then goes on to discuss some important applications of this technology, with wireless smart sensor networks for home and telecare, and smart home networking for content and energy management (including the intelligent Zero Emission Urban System), all explored in detail.

More systematic and comprehensive coverage: the book covers ecological design and technology requirements, performance and applications for smart home networks
Better focus on industry needs: the book covers current and emerging smart home networking technologies. It explains how the technologies work, how they have developed, their capabilities and the markets that they target
Better coverage of the best international research: the book is multi-contributor and brings together the leading researchers from around the world


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