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: Cognitive Informatics, Computer Modelling, and Cognitive Science: Volume 2: Application to Neural Engineering, Robotics and STEM
: G. R. Sinha (Editor), Jasjit S. Suri (Editor)
: Academic Press
: 2020
: True PDF
: 409
: 14.4 Mb
: English

Cognitive Informatics, Computer Modelling, and Cognitive Science: Volume Two, Application to Neural Engineering, Robotics, and STEM presents the practical, real-world applications of Cognitive Science to help readers understand how it can help them in their research, engineering and academic pursuits. The book is presented in two volumes, covering Introduction and Theoretical Background, Philosophical and Psychological Theory, and Cognitive Informatics and Computing. Volume Two includes Statistics for Cognitive Science, Cognitive Applications and STEM Case Studies. Other sections cover Cognitive Informatics, Computer Modeling and Cognitive Science: Application to Neural Engineering, Robotics, and STEM.
The book's authors discuss the current status of research in the field of Cognitive Science, including cognitive language processing that paves the ways for developing numerous tools for helping physically challenged persons, and more.
Identifies how foundational theories and concepts in cognitive science are applicable in other fields
Includes a comprehensive review of cognitive science applications in multiple domains, applying it to neural engineering, robotics, computer science and STEM
Presents basic statistics and cognitive maps, testing strategies of hypothesis, maximum likelihood estimator, Bayesian statistics, and discrete probability models of neural computation
Contains in-depth technical coverage of cognitive applications and case studies, including neuro-computing, brain modeling, cognitive ability and cognitive robots


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