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: Power Quality in Modern Power Systems
: Edited by P. Sanjeevikumar, C. Sharmeela, Jens Bo Holm-Nielsen, P. Sivaraman
: Academic Press
: 2021
: 366
: 33.68
: English

Power Quality in Modern Power Systems presents an overview of power quality problems in electrical power systems, for identifying pitfalls and applying the fundamental concepts for tackling and maintaining the electrical power quality standards in power systems. It covers the recent trends and emerging topics of power quality in large scale renewable energy integration, electric vehicle charging stations, voltage control in active distribution network and solutions to integrate large scale renewable energy into the electric grid with several case studies and real-time examples for power quality assessments and mitigations measures.
This book will be a practical guide for graduate and post graduate students of electrical engineering, engineering professionals, researchers and consultants working in the area of power quality.
Explains the power quality characteristics through suitable real time measurements and simulation examples
Explanations for harmonics with various real time measurements are included
Simulation of various power quality events using PSCAD and MATLAB software
PQ disturbance detection and classification through advanced signal processing and machine learning tools
Overview about power quality problems associated with renewable energy integration, electric vehicle supply equipments, residential systems using several case studies


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