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Modelling and Design Photonics by Examples Using Matlab: Modelling and Design Photonics by Examples Using Matlab
: Dan T Nguyen
: IOP Publishing
: 2021
: 248
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: 41.8 MB

As a broad area of science and technology, modeling and computational photonics is an ever-growing and developing topic. Covering the crucial foundations of photonics, as well as delving into the more complex aspects of the field, Modeling and Design Photonics by Examples with MATLAB(R) is a comprehensive study of computational photonics that will bridge the gap between academic and industrial worlds. Using MATLAB code to help provide solutions, this book will help readers to use modelling as an effective tool for designing and optimizing photonic systems.

MATLAB is a language of technical computing (an abbreviation of matrix laboratory) that was first developed in the late 1970s by Cleve Moler. Over time, MATLAB has become the computing language most used in academia, industries, economics etc, with more than 4 million users worldwide in 2020. Quite likely, a beginner can learn MATLAB for computing relatively quickly, utilizing a very large set of functions, properties of graphics objects and operators of MATLAB. One of the best features of MATLAB is that one does not need to master the language before using it in real computing works. Instead, we can study and use MATLAB at the same time, and the more you use it in practice the better and more effectively you can learn the language. It is our hope that readers can learn the physics, the mathematical models of the problems and MATLAB programming at the same time through examples in this book.

For each example in this book, there is a MATLAB program for simulation of the problem. The whole program is listed in the book so that the most important points, computational and mathematical of the program can be explained. Furthermore, the programs are intentionally presented in a way that closely follows the theoretical models examined early.

Key Features

Bridges the gap between academic descriptions and real modeling works in photonics.
Provides details of physics and mathematical models of the problems.
Includes MATLAB(R) codes for some important problems that are still new to many readers.
Presents detailed explanations of the physics and solutions from the modeling results.
Helps readers to use modeling as a tool for designing and optimizing photonics systems.

Modelling and Design Photonics by Examples Using Matlab


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