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: Guy Andrews
: Complete Road Bike Maintenance
: Bloomsbury Sport
: 2013
ISBN: 978-1408170939
: English
: epub
: 36,3 mb
: 208

Whether you are an experienced racer or just starting out, knowing how to keep your bike in peak condition is essential to your enjoyment of cycling. Being able to recognise the early warning signs of mechanical trouble and what to do about them means less time and money wasted getting your bike fixed and more time in the saddle. Professional team bikes now cost in excess of ?8,000 and, if you want the best, keeping a bike of this quality on the road is no easy task.

The book guides the reader through every problem that may occur on a road bike and shows how to repair it. It also give tips on how to spot the early warning signs of trouble so that you can fix the problem before you need to get involved with costly replacements. It is the perfect reference manual to have in your shed or workshop and also contain lots of tips on how to conduct quick repairs if you get into trouble while out on the road.


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