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Buses, Trolleys & Trams
: Charles Dunbar
: Buses, Trolleys & Trams
: Paul Hamlyn
: 1967
: 144
: English
: 28.3 MB

Here is the colourful, fascinating story of road transport from the days of the stage and the long-distance mailcoach to the crowded age of the monorail, the expressway, and buses that go by themselves. 150 years ago there were two types of man - those who walked to work and those who didn't have to, those who traveled and those who stayed at home. Then, out of the years of the Industrial Revolution, came the horse buses and the steam cars, awesome contraptions which rolled along with the noise of twenty sledge hammers in full play, and which were to change our whole attitude to travel. More than 200 photographs and engravings collected from all over the world include rare and historical pictures. There are 24 pages of lively colour with pictures of buses, trams and streetcars.


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