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: Aircraft Electrical and Electronic Systems, 2nd Edition
: David Wyatt and Mike Tooley
: Routledge
: 2018
: 48
: / English

Introducing the principles of aircraft electrical and electronic systems, this book is written for anyone pursuing a career in aircraft maintenance engineering or a related aerospace engineering discipline, and in particular will be suitable for those studying for licensed aircraft maintenance engineer status. It systematically addresses the relevant sections of modules 11 and 13 of part-66 of the EASA syllabus, and is ideal for anyone studying as part of an EASA and FAR-147 approved course in aerospace engineering.

This second edition has been updated to incorporate: complex notation for the analysis of alternating current (AC) circuits; an introduction to the "all electric aircraft" utilising new battery technologies; updated sensor technology using integrated solid-state technology micro-electrical-mechanical sensors (MEMS); an expanded section on helicopter/rotary wing health usage monitoring systems (HUMS).


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