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: Next-generation Batteries with Sulfur Cathodes
: Krzysztof Jan Siczek
: Academic Press
: 2019
: True PDF
: 258
: 32.1 Mb
: English

Next-Generation Batteries with Sulfur Cathodes provides a comprehensive review of a modern class of batteries with sulfur cathodes, particularly lithium-sulfur cathodes. The book covers recent trends, advantages and disadvantages in Li-S, Na-S, Al-S and Mg-S batteries and why these batteries are very promising for applications in hybrid and electric vehicles. Battery materials and modelling are also dealt with, as is their design, the physical phenomena existing in batteries, and a comparison of batteries between commonly used lithium-ion batteries and the new class of batteries with sulfur cathodes that are useful for devices like vehicles, wind power aggregates, computers and measurement units.
Provides solutions for the recycling of batteries with sulfur cathodes
Includes the effects of analysis and pro and cons of Li-S, Na-S, Al-S, Mg-S and Zn-S batteries
Describes state-of-the-art technological developments and possible applications


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