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: Oxford Handboook of Clinical Pathology
: James Carton
: Oxford University Press
: 2012
: 382
: 10.94 MB
: English

The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pathology provides an accessible and easy-to-use handbook for medical students and doctors, which succinctly explains the pathology behind important and common diseases relevant to the whole range of medical and surgical specialties. It covers basic general pathological principles and follows a systems-based approach, highlighting the most common conditions in each area.
Macroscopic and microscopic pathological features are described, as well as relevant immunohisto chemical, molecular, and genetic information. Up-to-date staging information is provided for all major malignancies, and reference symbols are used to highlight important points and provide quick links between related topics. This essential guide to pathology is an invaluable resource for medical students, pathology trainees, junior doctors, and biomedical scientists.


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