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: The 3-Hour Diet: Lose up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks by Eating Every 3 Hours!
: Jorge Cruise
: William Morrow
: 2011
: 11
: / English

It's a fact: the lowcarb craze is everywhere. Another fact: twothirds of Americans are still overweight and no one is getting thinner. Although lowcarb diets produce short term weight loss, the results are not sustainable in the long term. Dieticians, fitness experts, and medical publications are slowly awakening to the fact that the lowcarb diet isn't the answer to weight loss nor a solution to the obesity epidemic.

What is the solution? Jorge Cruise's THE 3HOUR DIET reveals that timing is the revolutionary weight loss element that has been kept secret until now. By eating small, balanced meals every three hours you reset your body's metabolism and achieve amazing results. Eating every three hours turns off your "starvation protection mechanism" ensuring that fat is released and fatburning muscle preserved. So get ready to lose 2 pounds each week! All with no calorie counting, no starvation, and no deprivation. Bottom line, timing will sculpt your body slim.


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