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: Pocket Tai Chi for Beginners: Simple Steps to a Healthy Body & Mind
: Tri Thong Dang
: Tuttle Publishing
: 2019
: epub
: 20.93 MB

Pocket Tai Chi for Beginners is the perfect introduction to this popular exercise discipline - now in a handy, inexpensive format. This book presents the "Simplified Tai Chi" method created by China's Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports. Unlike traditional Tai Chi, which has over 80 complicated movement sequences or forms, Simplified Tai Chi has 24 short and easy-to-remember movement forms which provide all the health benefits but are far easier for ordinary people to learn and practice on a daily basis. This book provides everything you needstep-by-step instructions and over 160 clear and simple illustrations.

Tai Chi is the fastest-growing martial art in the world today - due to its physical, mental and spiritual benefits - combining low-impact exercise, self-healing, meditation and a philosophy of life all in one.

Benefits of Tai Chi include:
Reducing falls by improving flexibility and balance
Relieving joint pain
Reducing stress and anxiety
Lower blood pressure
Strengthened core, legs and upper body

It will take some practice just to orient your mind and body to the written directions for the movements. At first the instructions may seem like the printed directions that accompany some complex toys. Initially you may experience some irritation and frustration as you try to follow the illustrations and written directions so as to perform the movements simultaneously.

Keep at it, reading the written instructions and examining the illustrations, and after a few repetitions, you will see the relationship between the text and the images. This will allow you to discover the natural flow of the movements. You may even begin to anticipate the next movement. Eventually you will reach the point at which you will have internalized the movements and are not at all conscious of which form you are manifesting, for one form will follow the other seamlessly, and you will do the entire set of 24 forms without thinking at all. The full cycle should take about five to six minutes to complete.

Master Tri Thong Dang is one of America's most respected Tai Chi instructors who has trained many thousands of practitioners. His easy-to-follow method highlights the spiritual essence of Tai Chi and at the same time its graceful simplicity.

Pocket Tai Chi for Beginners: Simple Steps to a Healthy Body & Mind


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