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: Yoga for Complete Beginners Mindfulness Therapy. 1st Edition
: Jennifer Faris
: Life Yoga
: 2017
: epub
: 161
: Mirknig.su
: 29,59
: english

Yoga is the oldest science of comprehensive development and harmonious improvement of every persons physical body, mind and inner world. Several centuries of crystallization and careful selection of the most efficient techniques made yoga one of the most effective training systems.
Yoga for beginners at home may be started with the technically not very complex, but full and powerful set of Surya Namaskar. It is designed to renew the physical shape, and for smooth and dark work with the body through simple yoga asanas. It harmoniously combines exercises for flexibility, stretching, and power load.
Clear instructions for performing the asanas and photos will allow the beginners to begin their free yoga training with a full understanding of what is happening. The yoga set provided in this book, consisting of 14 exercises and steps, will gently lead you into yoga, if you are a beginner, or help to recover after the break in practice. You need to realize that, in spite of its external simplicity, you wont perfectly master the yoga complex quickly from the first time, so youll have room for development and the goal to strive for.


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