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: Digital Camera - Outdoor Landscape & Nature Photography
/ : 2019
: 9
: pdf
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Outdoor photography is one of the most rewarding yet challenging areas in which a photographer can specialise. Whether its cloudless skies or unpredictable animals; unexpected weather or tricky light conditions, this book is full of guides and projects to help you tackle every subject, from enhancing your landscape shots to improving your wildlife photos. There are plenty of helpful tips to make sure youre getting the basics right, including how to compose photos and take a panorama. Step-by-step tutorials will also show you advanced techniques for getting the most out of outdoor scenes, from seascapes to country gardens, standing stones to mountaintops. This practical guide also has useful tips for taking shots in all weather and around the clock. As you will need kit that can keep up with the action, we also deliver the verdict on the best accessories for your camera.

Digital Camera - Outdoor Landscape & Nature Photography 9th Edition 2019:


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