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: The Landscape Photography Book: The step-by-step techniques you need to capture breathtaking landscape photos like the pros
: Scott Kelby
: Rocky Nook
ISBN: 9781681984346
: 2019
: 208
: Mirknig.su
: 18,5

Have you ever dreamed of taking such incredible landscape photos that your friends and family say, Wait a minute, this is your photo?! You took this? Well, youre in luck. Right here, in this book, pro photographer and award-winning author Scott Kelby teaches you how to shoot and edit jaw-dropping landscape photographs. Scott shares all his secrets and time-tested techniques, as he discusses everything from his go-to essential gear and camera settings to the landscape photography techniques you need to create absolutely stunning images. From epic scenes at sunrise to capturing streams and waterfalls with that smooth, silky look, and from photographing the night sky or the Milky Way to creating breathtaking, sweeping panoramas, Scott has got you covered.


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