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:Thompson Elaine
:Santa Claus Sampler book III
: Thompson Publications
: 1991
: 10
: 32

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Use a medium wash of color, not too much water fn the brush. One or two coats for a smooth couerage. The base-coat is usually the middle yalue color. Using the floated color technique, build the desired depth of darkness. Usually 2-3 floats are needed. Let each color float dry before you apply the next. The shading is usually the darkest value color. '
HIGHLIGHTS: There are several ways to achieve highlighting. One Is to float the highUght color on. The other way is to dry brush them on. To dry brush highlights, pick up a scant amount of paint and lightly brush onto the desired area. Just barely
blend the edges with a damp brush. You can use several layers of paint to achieue the highlights desired.
TO FLOAT SHADING: With clean water dip and bht your brush. Dip one corner of the brush into the shading coior, stroke on palette to blend cofor into the brush. The coior should go gradually across the width of the brush, it takes practice to load brush properly, so know how much paint is in your brush before you apply it to your painting.


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