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: Military History
: HistoryNet, LLC
/ : May 2019
: Vol.36 No.1
: True PDF
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: English

Military History isone of America's best-known magazines devoted to the history of warfare and military strategy and tactics. Each issue delves into the lives of military commanders, popular campaigns, important battles, and the advances in weaponry that have occurred throughout our nation's history.
In each new issue, everyone from the casual reader to the avid history buff will find everything they ever wanted to know about important historical battles and campaigns, as well as weapons in land, naval, and air warfare. Features may include in-depth, detailed looks at naval ships and tactics throughout history, book reviews on the latest and greatest nonfiction historical accounts, as well as memoirs, profiles of famous commanders and leaders, as well as historical researchers, accounts of war machines from bombers to tanks, and America's military heritage. Top military writers and experts deliver a fresh look at recent and not-so-recent history, offering readers an inside pass into a whole new world of military history.


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