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: Machines of War: The Definitive Visual History of Military Hardware (DK Military History)
: DK
: DK
: 2017
: True PDF
: 362
: 130 Mb
: English

Explore the military vehicles, artillery, and industrial weaponry that changed the course of history.
From the first repeating rifles to the most advanced military technology of the 21st century, Machines of War presents a one-of-a-kind illustrated history of modern warfare, told through the weapons and vehicles that have dominated the battlefield since the Industrial Revolution. Discover vehicles from the Industrial era, World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and the modern world. Look up-close at the Gatling gun, the Spitfire fighter plane, the T-72 Tank and many more with virtual tours putting you at the helm of war's most formidable weapons.
Featuring stunning photographs of key firearms, aircraft, tanks, warships, and more, Machines Of War offers a uniquely detailed look at the machines that have shaped the modern military world.


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