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: Digital Services in the 21st Century: A Strategic and Business Perspective
: Antonio S?nchez and Belen Carro
: Wiley
: 2017
: 4
: / English

Digital Services in the 21st Century provides a holistic approach to understanding telecommunications by addressing the emergence and dominance of new digital services, consumer and economic dynamics, and the creation of content by service providers.

The authors cover the main products and services that are provided by telecommunications operators (in general information and communication technologies providers). Key topics discussed include enriched communications, fixed and mobile broadband, financial services for unbanked customers in emerging markets, Pay TV, data communications for machines, and digital home. As opposed to technical-driven textbooks, this book also addresses customer demand and the competitive nature between telecommunications operators and Internet providers that compete to provide compelling services. This book:

Includes services (and underlying technologies) for social network advertising
Covers consumer and economic dynamics that determine the successes and failures of service offerings
Discusses the impact of smartphones on the telecommunications and mobile device industry

In the late twentieth and early twentyfirst century the developments and demands on telecommunications networks have increased as we communicate in more frequent, detailed, and high-speed ways. Digital Services in the 21st Century seeks to provide readers with a better understanding of the key services in the highly dynamic telecommunications and Internet industries.


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