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: Local Access Network Technologies
: Edited by Paul France
: The Institution of Electrical Engineers
: 2004
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: 12.97
: English

The business of telecommunications is undergoing a period of change driven by changes in regulation, increasing demands for services and the development of new access technologies. The market structure of telecommunications is evolving rapidly as new and existing players strive to compete in an increasingly volatile market, while the advent of new data services is placing greater demands on the network as operators strive to offer new broadband services. Underpinning much of this change is the access technology itself, not only in the transitional form of copper twisted pairs, but also increasingly through the use of new fibre, radio and copper systems. The dominant cost of most telecommunication networks is the access network itself, which typically can demand up to 80% of the total investment required.
This book presents an overview of the access network and discusses the technologies that are available. It begins with an introductory chapter defining terms and technologies and goes on to discuss each technology in turn, not only from a technology viewpoint but with a view on how it might be best deployed. Chapters are also included on planning systems, network management, DSL, fibre access networks, optical access networks, fixed wireless access, broadband, wireless LANs, UMTS, and SDH in the access network.


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