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: Simple Matters: A Scandinavian's Approach to Work, Home, and Style
: Jenny Mustard
: Gibbs Smith
: 2018
: 13
: / English

In a beautiful collection of essays, Simple Matters challenges readers to simplify their life by prioritizing emotional and physical health, curating a personal style, and pursuing ones dreams. Jenny Mustard has created a unique lifestyle book that taps into the ever-increasing human longing for less clutter and more meaning, be it at home, at work, or in our relationships. By encouraging readers to make their surroundings a little more lovely, to simplify eating habits and wardrobe, to travel with purpose and ease, and to discover what they truly want to dream about and focus on, Jenny provides the inspiration to curate ones everyday life into something simple, realistic, and utterly enjoyable.

Simultaneously inspirational and aspirational, Jennys content is positive, personal, and inclusive?42 essays cover everything from simple kitchen staples, the art of the travel plan, indulgent eating, addiction, failure as a road to success, the makings of a happy relationship, the red thread, building a career, and the Scandinavian way at home.


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