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: Bread by Mother Earth News: Our Favorite Recipes for Artisan Breads, Quick Breads, Buns, Rolls, Flatbreads, and More
: Mother Earth News
: Voyageur Press
ISBN: 0760348448
: 2015
: 254
: 19,8

Roll up your sleeves, warm up your oven, and find a new favorite bread.
From intense, chewy sourdough to light, airy focaccia, many of today's most popular breads are best when they're fresh from the oven. Then again, that's always been true.
The timeless allure of fresh bread has been part of Mother Earth News magazine since 1970, when they published their first issue. In Bread, for the first time, the editors have collected their very best recipes and techniques. You'll find all the classics, including rustic white, whole-wheat sandwich bread, and sourdough.


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