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: THE BOOK OF PASTA : Delicious Homemade Pasta Recipes
: Tanay Pramanik
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
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: English

Where would we be without pasta ? It has to be the most useful invention ever it is delicious , nutritious , quick and easy to cook , very satisfying and incredibly versatile . The fact that it comes in so many shapes and sizes makes it even more interesting , as well as fun to eat for adults and children alike .
One reason for this might be the irresistible combination of pasta , cream and cheese that goes into some of the tastiest vegetarian recipes . If you like parmesan cheese or Romano cheese , try the classic Linguine with Red Pepper Sauce and Italian Mozzarella Conchiglie , which are simple but absolutely sumptuous . Spinach and ricotta are another perfect partnership , so we have recipes for Spaghetti Pasta with Bolognese Sauce , using a homemade spinach pasta dough .
It is useful for making a little meat go a long way . Here you will find some truly delectable meat-based pasta sauces and also recipe for a rather sophisticated Bacon Linguine with Black Olives , which is all-time favourite . If you are keen to have a go at making your own pasta , then try creamy chicken ravioli .
Pasta combined with seafood gives a light , elegant and delicate result that is ideal for midweek suppers and for lunch parties . Dishes such as Crab Ravioli with Tomato Sauce , Tagliatelle and Mussels with White Wine are perfect they almost look too good to eat . It is great fun to make pasta and once you have mastered it , you will never look back .


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