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: Lidia's Italy in America
: Lidia Matticchio Bastianich
: Knopf
: 2011
: 36
: / English

From one of America's most beloved chefs and authors, a road trip into the heart of Italian American cooking todayfrom Chicago deep-dish pizza to the Bronx's eggplant parmcelebrating the communities that redefined what we know as Italian food. As she explores this utterly delectable and distinctive cuisine, Lidia shows us that every kitchen is different, every Italian community distinct, and little clues are buried in each dish: the Sicilian-style semolina bread and briny olives in New Orleans Muffuletta Sandwiches, the Neapolitan crust of New York pizza, and mushrooms (abundant in the United States, but scarce in Italy) stuffed with breadcrumbs, just as peppers or tomatoes are. Lidia shows us how this cuisine is an original American creation and gives recognition where it is long overdue to the many industrious Italians across the country who have honored the traditions of their homeland in a delicious new style.


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