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Edvard Munch: Chronology of Paintings 1880-1905: Edvard Munch: Chronology of Paintings 1880-1905
: Daniel Ankele
: Ankele Publishing, LLC
: 2015
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: epub
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The sick girls fevered head rests benignly on the pillow, while a woman bows low in sorrow by her side. It is a scene of great pathos and strange serenity. The weary resignation in the girls eyes as she turns toward her stooped guardian leave us in no doubt that death is the unseen third character of the picture. The young artist knew it too as he painted it in his home, seated upon the wicker chair his sister had died on nine years earlier.

Munchs mother died of tuberculosis at Christmas when he was just five years old. And even though his aunt moved in to take care of his father and the five children, little Edvard and sister Sophie clung to each other like soul mates. In the following years, cramped within their close quarters in working class Oslo (then Kristiania), frail Edvard was frequently ill himself, often spending half the dark winter confined to bed.

Edvard Munch: Chronology of Paintings 1880-1905


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