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One Shot Kills (Australian Army Combat Support)
: One Shot Kills
: Australian Army Combat Support
: Glenn Wahlert, Russell Linwood
: Big Sky Publishing
: 2015
: epub
: 220
: 35 mb
: English


The snipers of todays Australian Army have learned the lessons of history and are held in the same high regard
by friend and foe as their Gallipoli forebears. Snipers have become an essential force multiplier and have deployed
on every operation since Somalia. "One Shot Kills" is the story of the snipers journey from the South African veldt
to the recent battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also the story of the development of the modern snipers
combat weapon system in which technology has been harnessed to produce extraordinary results on the battlefield.
Australian Army snipers are justifiably regarded as among the best in the world.


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