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History of the United States Army
: Russell Frank Weigley
: History of the United States Army
: Indiana University Press
: 1984
: 740
: English
: 113.7 MB

Russell F. Weigley's "History of the United States Army" is a commendable work on the administrative and logistical history of the Army. If you're looking for a campaign history, complete with narratives of battles, strategy, and tactics, this is not it. Weigley wholly sidesteps this arena of the Army's history in favor of a narration of the administration of the body. Beginning in the early 17th Century with an explanation of the militia roots from which the Army can trace its history, the story progresses through the French and Indian War, the Revolution, and all other conflicts through the 1960's. Included is analysis of Army policy, military interactions with the civilian populace, supply and administration, and the evolution of the command structure. For readers seeking a non-combat history of the United States Army, this should more than amply satisfy their desires.


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