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: American Military History, Volume1-2
: Richard W. Stewart
: Center of Military History United States Army
: 2009, 2010
: PDF (rar+3%)
: 417+552
: 23,2

Profusley illustrated with full color and black and white illustrations, maps and photographs. Center of Military History publication CMH Pub. 30-21. Army Historical Series. Richard W. Stewart, General Editor. Revision of the 1989 edition which was a revision of a textbook written for the senior ROTC courses. Contains an historical survey of the organization and accomplishments of the United States Army. Designed to inculcate in young officers and soldiers an awareness of our nation's military past and to demonstrate to them that the study of military history is an essential ingredient in leadership development. Intended primarily for use in the American Military History course in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps program in civilian colleges and universities.


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