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: The Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars
: Albert Seaton
: Osprey Publishing
/ : Men at Arms/28
: 1973
: 50
: 23 Mb
: English

This book recounts the development of a standing Russian army from the end of the 16th century to the million strong force that resisted Napoleon. The Russians were heavily defeated at the battle of Austerliz but in the Armistice period that followed the Russians regrouped and several improvements were made. In 1812 when Napoleon invaded this new army was protected at the cost of Moscow. The Russians faced Napoleon at the Battle of Leipzig where together with their allies they inflicted a severe defeat and reached Paris in 1814. These battles are discussed in full and are accompanied by several contemporary illustrations. Eight colour plates accompany the text to show the uniforms and equipment used by the Rusian soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars.


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