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Napoleonic Wars Napoleons Army (Brasseys History of Uniforms)
: Napoleonic Wars Napoleons Army
(): Rene Chartrand (Author), Christa Hook (Illustrator)
: Brasseys History of Uniforms
: 1997
ISBN: 1857531833
: 144
: English
: 85 MB

Aimed at all those with an interest in the Napoleonic Wars from 1804 to 1815, this is a guide to all the uniforms worn in Napoleon's conquering army, from the famous victory of Austerlitz to eventual defeat at Waterloo. Every unit in the Emperor's army is described, and its uniforms and equipment detailed. There are chapters on what Napoleon and his generals wore, the uniforms of the Loyal Imperial Guard and regular infantry, the glamorous appearance of the French cavalry, including cuirassiers, lancers, hussars and dragoons, as well as the artillery and the engineers. There is also a chapter devoted to the many foreign troops that served under Napoeleon, ranging from the Swiss and Portuguese to Croats and Lithuanians. All this is illustrated by over b&w prints and paintings, many of them contemporary, and some of which have never been published before.


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