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: British Napoleonic Uniforms: The First Complete Illustrated Guide to Uniforms, Facings and Lace
: C.E. Franklin
: The History Pres
: 2008
: 332
: 183Mb
: English

For the first time in print a book identifies each regiment and illustrates the change in uniforms, the color of the facings, and the nature and shape of the lace for the officers, NCOs, and private soldiers over the period of the Napoleonic War 17931815. Changes to the uniforms of all the numbered regiments of cavalry and infantry are discussed in detail, while lavish illustrations present every aspect of their regimental distinctions. The book is divided into four parts, with the first part considering the uniforms of the Heavy and Light cavalry regiments, including full-page color illustrations of the Household Cavalry, the Heavy Cavalry (Dragoon Guards and Dragoons), and the Light Cavalry (the Light Dragoons and Hussars).


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