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: Gallipoli Sniper: The Remarkable Life of Billy Sing
: John Hamilton
: Frontline Books
ISBN: 1848329040
: 2015
: 288
: Mirknig.su
: 9,9

This is a well-researched, detailed and compelling story. Defender Magazine Billy Sing was a small, dark man and a deadly killer. When, as a member of the Australian Imperial Force 5th Light Horse, he was thrust onto the narrow strip of land held by the Australians on Gallipoli, he witnessed the terrible effects of the Turkish snipers and decided to fight fire with fire. Using a simple Lee Enfield .303 rifle, Sing began to pick off unwary Turks who exposed themselves. Assisted by a spotter who would single out targets for him, Sing acquired an unrivaled reputation as he killed increasing numbers of enemy soldiers. He became known as the Anzac Angel of Death and the Assassin of Gallipoli and was considered to be the most successful sniper and most feared man in Gallipoli.


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