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: Gallipoli 1915
: Tim Travers
: The History Press Ltd
ISBN: 0752450484
: 2009
: 432
: 5,7

Why was the Allied naval assault of February/March 1915 so unsuccessful? Did the Ottoman Turks have knowledge of the Allied landings of April 25, 1915? And did Sir Ian Hamilton, the overall commander of the Allied forces at Gallipoli, really make a mistake in his intervention at Suvla?
These questions and the key issue of why the Ottoman Turks won the 1915 Gallipoli campaign, or why the Allies lost it, have never been satisfactorily answered. This new history of the Gallipoli campaign aims to answer them, while also telling the story of what actually happened through the voices of British, Australian, and Turkish soldiers. In order to properly understand the bloody events of 1915, Tim Travers is the first historian of Gallipoli to use the general Staff Ottoman archives in Ankara to tell the other side of the story.


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