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: John Drogo Montagu
: Greek and Roman Warfare: Battles, Tactics and Trickery
: Greenhill Books
ISBN: 1853676853
: 2006
: 47,0
: 256

Greek and Roman Warfare: Battles, Tactics and Trickery is a uniquely detailed work which explores the tactics and battle strategies of the Graeco-Roman period. This incisive study goes beyond the arms and armour to reveal the psychology behind history's most emblematic battles.
The technology of an army is of course an important factor in its success, but battles are ultimately won by tactics and strategy. From the cunning ambush to oxen with torches masquerading as an escaping army at night, Drogo Montagu explores the intricacies of waging war in the ancient world. Using his extensive knowledge of Graeco-Roman military history, he has created a gripping account of classical military thought.
Montagu draws on the great historians of the time Livy, Plutarch, Xenophon and Josephus among them to illustrate the different elements that an army required to defeat its enemy on the battlefield, be it by force or guile. In addition, he offers details on how a commander would maintain the morale and fitness of his troops, as well as conduct their training. Greek and Roman Warfare provides an incredibly thorough view of the tactics and strategy of battle in ancient times from all perspectives, making it one of the most complete studies of Graeco-Roman warfare to date.


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