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: Application of Soft Computing and Intelligent Methods in Geophysics
: Alireza Hajian, Peter Styles
: Springer
: 2018
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This book provides a practical guide to applying soft-computing methods to interpret geophysical data. It discusses the design of neural networks with Matlab for geophysical data, as well as fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy concepts and their applications. In addition, it describes genetic algorithms for the automatic and/or intelligent processing and interpretation of geophysical data.

The book has four main parts: Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Combination of Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, and Genetic Algorithms.

In Part I, Chap. 1 outlines the principles of neural networks (NNs) and their design in MATLAB with practical examples, and in Chap. 2, the application of NNs to geophysical applications is presented with many varied examples.

In Part II, Chap. 3 develops the principles of fuzzy logic with the related fuzzy arithmetic and provides various examples in order to practically train the reader to grasp this new fuzzy viewpoint. In Chap. 4, we investigate the application of fuzzy logic to various geophysical methods.

In Part III, Chap. 5, we explain the application of the combination of NNs with Fuzzy logic as Neuro-Fuzzy Methods, with instructions for using the MATLAB ANFIS Toolbox through practical examples. In Chap. 6, the application of these Neuro-Fuzzy methods to geophysical analysis and interpretation is presented.

In Part IV, Prof. Mrinal Sen and Prof. Mallick, the additional contributors to this book, present the Genetic Algorithm and its applications in geophysics with many varied and interesting practical examples.

Application of Soft Computing and Intelligent Methods in Geophysics


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