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: Python Machine Learning: Discover the Essentials of Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence Using Python Code with Python Tricks
: Samuel Hack
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
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: English

Discover the incredible world of Machine Learning with this amazing guide
Do you want to understand machine learning, but it all looks too daunting and complex? Afraid to open the pandoras box and waste hours searching for answers? Then keep reading
Written with the beginner in mind, this powerful guide breaks down everything you need to know about machine learning and Python in a simple, easy-to-understand way. So many other books make machine learning look impossible to understand and even harder to master but now you can familiarize yourself with this incredible technology like never before!
With a detailed and concise overview of the fundamentals, along with the challenges and limitations currently being tackled by the pros, inside this comprehensive guide you will:
Learn the Fundamentals of Machine Learning which Are Being Developed and Advanced with Python
Master the Nuances of 12 of the Most Popular and Widely-Used Machine Learning Algorithms, in a Language that Requires No Prior Background in Python
Discover the Details of the Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Algorithms, which Serve as the Skeleton of Hundreds of Machine Learning Algorithms Being Developed Every Day
Become Familiar with Data Science Technology, an Umbrella Term Used for the Cutting-Edge Technologies of Today
Dive Into the Functioning of Scikit-Learn Library and Develop Machine Learning Models, with a Detailed Walkthrough and Open Source Database using Illustrations and actual Python Code
Understand the Entire Process of Creating Neural Network Models on TensorFlow, Using Open Source Data Sets and real Python Code
Uncover the Secrets of the Most Critical Aspect of Developing a Machine Learning Model Data Pre-Processing and Training/Testing Subsets
And So Much More!
With a wealth of tips and tricks, along with invaluable advice guaranteed to help you with your machine learning journey, this book is a powerful and revolutionary tool for creating, developing, and using machine learning. From understanding the Python language to creating data sets and building neural networks, now you can become the master of machine learning with this incredible guide!


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