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: Python Crash Course: introduction to Programming with Python Coding Language + Python for data analysis: introduction to Programming with Python Coding Language,Crash Course
: Eric Marston
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: epub/pdf(conv.)
: 10.8 Mb
: English

BOOK 1 : Do you want to learn Python for data analysis using NumPy, Pandas, and IPython ?
You don't know how to begin?
You don't need a boring and expensive textbook. This book is the best one for every readers.
Grap your copy now!!
Why this book?
There are several reasons:
The author has explored everything about python for data analysis using pandas, NumPy, Ipython and Matplotlib libraries from the basics.
A simple language has been used.
Many examples have been given, both theoretically and programmatically.
Screenshots showing program outputs have been added.
The book is written step-by-step for beginners.
Do you know all the good reasons to learn Python?
Its really useful
Its an official Google programming language
It works on the three major operating systems
It is being used more widely in academics as well as the business world
The easy-to-read language makes it simple to learn
Given all of the benefits of learning Python, why have you put off learning this program? Is it because you thought you didnt have the time?
If youre not a total programming newbie but you dont know Python, Python Crash Course can get you up to speed quickly with this important program. The many topics covered include:
Variable, datatype, data input
String manipulation
Conditional logic
Error handling
Debugging and logging
Data structure and algorithm
GUI programming
Learning Python can help advance your education or career. Dont use the excuse of lack of time. If you are ready to put a Python in your programming toolbox, grap your book now !


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