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: Python Coding: 2 Books in 1: Python Programming and Data Analytics
: Stephen Ward
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: epub/mobi/pdf(conv.)
: 301
: 10.9 Mb
: English

Get ready to master the most versatile programming language and learn the coding skills required for a fulfilling career in Data Science and Tech with this definitive bundle to Python programming!
Have you ever thought about learning how to code, but became overwhelmed by the number of programming languages out there from HTML and javascript to Ruby and PHP and couldn't quite settle on one language?
If yes, then here's your answer: Learn Python.
Python is the perfect programming language for beginners. It is one of the very few languages that hit the sweet spot between being a fun language to learn and play with but have serious real-world applications and is used by some of the biggest tech companies on earth.
In this bundle, Stephen Ward hands you the blueprint you need to get started and excel with Python, helping you develop the necessary skills for the modern tech job market in as little time as possible.
This special bundle contains the following books:
Python Programming: The Ultimate Crash Course for Beginners to Learn Coding with Python
Python Data Analytics: The Ultimate Guide to Get Started with Data Analytics Using Python, NumPy and Pandas


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