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: Python crash course: A complete step by step beginner guide for python coding, NumPy, Pandas and Data Visualization
: Dany Log
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: PDF, FB2
: 94
: 14 Mb
: English

If you want to learn how to use python easily and quickly, then keep reading.
Most people think that Python programming is a complicated topic. This should not be the case when you get hold of the Python Crash Course: A Complete Step-by-Step Beginner Guide for Python Coding, NumPy, Pandas, and Data Visualization. This interactive book will give you all the information about Python programming. You will know what it means, how to use it, and who can use Python programming. Different individuals use Python programming for different benefits. It includes developers, coders, programmers and finance experts.
You will know what to do with Python programming, the importance of Python to an economist, at your workplace, and who you can use Python programming to earn money. You will be able to earn from blogging, app development, freelancing, online courses, coding competitions, and website creation. Python has different basic concepts that need to be understood. The different terms that are used in programming, how you can start Python programming for data analysis, and what you need to do to install Python.
If this is your first time dealing with Python programming, you do not need to worry. You will have all the Python programming lessons. You will learn about Python, the places where you can learn, and the cost that relates to learning Python programming. There is information on the courses that need to be studied in order to understand programming and the jobs that you can secure with your Python knowledge and skills.
There are different operating systems that can be used in collaboration with Python, like OS X, Linux, and Windows. You will have knowledge about all the troubleshooting. What is the list? The list is clearly explained, and you will be able to understand what it means. You will know how to change elements, how to remove them, and how you can add elements. The book will categorically explain how you can organize the list.
There are several chapters and sub-chapters that will help more in terms of understanding Python programming.
You will know about variables and the different types of data.
There is information about dictionaries, functions, and classes.
You will know what it means to test the code, files, and exceptions.
There is also information about input and while loops.
Data visualization is a chapter that is clearly explained.
How to generate data
How to download data
How to work with APIs
You will be able to earn from blogging, app development, freelancing, online courses, coding competitions, and website creation.
If you are planning to learn about Python programming, you need to know about web applications
You will know how to work with Django
The different user accounts and how to set up a user account
How you can style and deploy an app.
With this book learning to use python becomes easy and fast.
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