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: Computer Programming This book includes Learn Python + SQL Programming
: Damon Parker
: Amazon.com Services LLC
: 2020
: epub/pdf(conv.)
: 257
: 4.9 Mb
: English

Programming language has rendered itself as the language of choice for coding beginners and advanced software programmers alike.
This book is written to help you master the basic concepts of Python and SQL coding and how you can utilize your coding skills to analyze a large volume of data and uncover valuable information that can otherwise be easily lost in the volume. Python was designed primarily to emphasize readability of the programming code, and its syntax enables programmers to convey ideas using fewer lines of code. The Structured Query Language (SQL) is the language of choice define, manipulate, control and query the data within a RDBMS.
This book will provide you overarching guidance on how you can use Python to develop machine learning models using Scikit-Learn, most widely used Python-based machine learning library. Python programming, data analysis, and machine learning are widely credited in the birth of the powerhouse, which is the Silicon Valley. To become a machine learning expert, a sound and in-depth understanding of every nuance of this area is critical. On the other hand, you can efficiently and effectively learn and write SQL statements or queries to retrieve from and update data on relational databases such as MySQL. You will be able to install the free and open MySQL user interface with the instructions provided in this book.


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